R E I K I  &  H E AL I N G  A R T S


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 Reiki Energy is a spiritually guided intelligent energy that can restore and replenish everything. Anyone can learn Reiki and it is a way to help people and the planet without depleting your own energy system. Reiki is administered by "laying on of hands" by a Practitioner who has been attuned to the energy through the "attunement process" of working with a Reiki Master.
Reiki can never cause harm and is a pure form of healing that is not dependent on the individual. It is a direct connection to divine love and healing, and it is apparent when recieving or giving it that this is the case.
Reiki energy is always positive, and can only help.
Reiki in Medicine
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Increased interest in “complementary” methods has been expanding in recent years.  A component of the National Institute of Health, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) currently lists Reiki as an "Energy Therapy."  It is offered an adjunct to medical treatments and is found to be effective in enhancing deep relaxation,  promoting an improved healing response. It is also often offered for palliative care to provide comfort measures for serious medical conditions.
Currently in the US about 10-15% of medical facilities offer Reiki Services as a complementary medicine modality to some or all of their clients.
Reiki  is not a substitute treatment for Western medicine, but is used to complement and enhance all levels of medical treatment.

Reiki can
• help relieve stress, agitation, acute and chronic pain
• assist in the improving energy levels
• promote rest and improved sleep patterns
• assist in decreasing/eliminating pain
• help to accelerate wound healing
• release and heal deep emotional issues and trauma
• reduce and or eliminate anxiety, depression
• release negative or stuck energy stored in the body/mind system
• balance the overall body and energy centers/channels (Biofields/Chakra's) within the body system.
• clear the mind and open intuitive senses to enhance compassion and sense of self.

What are the side effects of Reiki?
There are NO side effects. It is non-invasive and safe for all ages from premature babies to the elderly. Animals can greatly benefit from treatment too! Reiki can be performed on a person while they are lying down, sitting or standing. No adjustment in clothing needs to be made, since Reiki flows through any barrier including casts.


"Reiki is LOVE..."
      ~ Frank Arjava Peter


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