R E I K I  &  H E AL I N G  A R T S


What is a Session Like?

Reiki & Energy Healing is administered with the client lying fully clothed on the massage table.
Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is recommended! All you have to do is relax and let the energy fill you with its warmth, radiance, and bliss. I tailor every session to fit the specific needs of the client, whether they be mostly emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or a combination thereof.
Aside from being a Reiki & Energy Healer, I am an intuitive and may possibly recieve psychic impressions. This is not part of the energy healing but is something that may come up if there is a message that wants to be shared. I also may use intuitive and metaphysical information to help treat physical issues at their emotional/metaphysical source.  This can sometimes be combined with Healing Affirmations  that will help you gain greater awareness of root causes as well as the ability to help consciously hea

Benefits of a Reiki & Energy Healing Session
• Deep relaxation and increased physical healing response
• Relief of emotional issues such as anxiety & depression
• Relief of minor trauma/ digestive issues
• Promotes healthy sleep patterns
• Release and healing of emotional trauma stored in the body
• Increases confidence and well-being
• Heightens intuition and self awareness
• Corrects energy imbalances

The energy is gentle and positive, and can never harm or be too much.
The effects can be very gentle, or increase gradually, sometimes the healing will continue for days,
Sometimes, incredibly miraculous results are reported! 
The results may be instant, or they may take a day or so to kick in, or there may be a gradual healing.

How often do I have to get treatment?
It really differs from case to case, you know what your body and spirit need. I can help advise you if you ask me, but really I encourage people to follow their own intuition on this.  One great thing about energy work is that you aren't locked into a strict can get treated as little or as much as you like.  Sometimes depending on the severity of a condition, it can be really beneficial to get treated as much as possible - people have had miraculous results from recieving Reiki every day, or several times a week, even if it seems cost prohibitive usually there is a way to work things out if someone has a real need. Just remember, you dont have to worry about having too much! energy healing effects are cumulative,  and never bad... the more you get, the better you will feel.

Will Reiki & Energy Healing interfere with my medical condition/treatment?
Their are currently over 800 hospitals in the US with Reiki Programs used as part of the hospital care.
A recent research study conducted at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut showed that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86%, reduced pain by 78%, reduced nausea by 80%, and reduces anxiety during pregnancy by 94%. Reiki has also been shown to reduce post-operative pain, to speed up the healing process, to help insulin levels in diabetes patients, has been used during surgical procedures to promote internal healing, and has also been shown to help transplanted organs integrate successfully.
It is a helpful and complimentary treatment to any medical condition and or treatment regimen.




90 Minute session


Distance Healing

$10 -$60




What is Distance Healing?


Distance Reiki & Energy Healing is a just as powerful as an in person treatment.


Think of it this way - we recieve energy transmissions of information constantly through the airwaves in modern times. Its not too hard of a stretch to realize that we can recieve energy regardless of where it comes from. All matter is energy, and  energy is not bound by the contraints of physical form, space, or time.


I can perform a session for you or a loved one (even animals love Reiki and it is good for them and for children & babies). We will schedule a designated time for the session; you may either treat it like a real session and lay down or even sleep. Alternately, you can just go about your day as usual. The energy is not bound by time either so it will do its work when and where it is needed. A few days after the session I will contact you and we will discuss your session. In the meantime you can contact me with any questions you might have.


We can do a traditional distance session, or  phone / Skype sessions if you prefer.



"All methods of HEALING are really indirect ways of rousing the life ENERGY, which is the true and direct healer of all diseases."   ~Paramahansa Yogananda


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