R E I K I  &  H E AL I N G  A R T S


Energetic Healing is any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical and/or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our innate healing mechanism.

Some of the therapies that are more well known are Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy and Acupuncture. However, there are many forms of energy healing and bodywork such as Crystal Healing, Aura Balancing, Flower Remedies, Angelic Healing, and many more. Energetic healing practitioners are ususally trained in a number of modalities and will combine these in their own unique and intuitive way.

Energetic healing is holistic and looks beyond the body to the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, nadis) and can identify and heal issues before they manifest as pain or distortions in the physical/mental body. It opens us up to be able to heal from the inside out, and can be used as a 'pre-cautionary' method of sorts, to help maintain health and happiness.

This type of healing does not interfere or conflict with traditional Western medicine, in fact it is always complimentary. There is no reason to abandon traditional  Western medical treatment, sometimes it is necessary, especially in severe cases - but it is designed specifically to treat the body, even in the way psychiatric medicine is is from a physical standpoint that it works. This is wonderful, but remember that you are not just a body... so how can you treat yourself as if you are just a body?

Emotional or physical trauma/stress, conscious or subconscious false beliefs, even birth trauma and or past life trauma, as well as unhealthy relationship bonds, can be and usually are stored in the body, manifesting first in the subtle body and then in the physical body. Energetic healing clears blocks in the energy fields and repairs and rebalances energy so that the subtle body can heal itself.

An intuitive healer can also usually locate problem areas and the metaphysical cause of such problems, thus helping to resolve issues at the core, rather than just treating the 'symptom', which is the physical illness or injury.

Some of the modalities I use and am trained in are:

Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Body Dialogue, Violet/Indigo/Blue Ray, Angelic Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing.

"...MASS and ENERGY are both but different manifestations of the same thing..."

 -Albert Einstein






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