R E I K I  &  H E AL I N G  A R T S


by Blissful Spirit Healing Arts


Our Healing Aura Sprays are handmade in small batches using fine essential oils, resins, distilled gemstone and crystal essences, flower essences, and infused with Reiki energy and corresponding Mantras. Perfect for anyone, anytime, they can be used in space clearing for your professional or personal practice, for attracting and manifesting, and for healing and balancing the aura.

Sprays come packaged in 2oz  amber glass spray bottles tied with sari silk and accented with an Om charm...
the bottles currently have a new look! updated pictures to come...

Also sold at OM NAMO Yoga and Wellness Center, 21 Belmont St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Our creative team is always working on new blends ~
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Protection, Purification,Spiritual Transformation,
Third Eye, Crown, Throat

Shiva, the Destroyer of Illusion, is a powerful deity representing the destruction and transformation of the ego on the spiritual path.This blend shatters negative energy and astral debris, purifies the crown chakra and connects you to your Higher Self. Great for space clearing/liquid smudging, and psychic protection. Connects to the Divine Masculine.

Includes essential oil such as Tea Tree (anti-microbial, anti-fungal, clearing), Palo Santo for transmuting negative energies/entities, frankincense for Divine connection & angelic vibration.

Gem essences include Quartz for clearing and transmuting, Labradorite for connection to the Divine and the third eye, Amethyst for crown and ajna (3rd eye) chakra.

Other ingredients include Shiva Lingam essence, rudraksha,Himalayan quartz, Himalayan salt, sage, sandalwood, and more...

Infused with Reiki, Shiva mantras & Sri Yantra

2oz $20                          



Love & Abundance
Heart, Crown, Root, Solar Plexus

Named for the Hindu Goddess of abundance, and love, our Lakshmi blend attracts wealth, business success, self confidence, creates mental and emotional balance, balances and energizes the Anahata (heart) Chakra, creates a sense of nurturing and safety, balances the earthly and spiritual polarities in the body, and connects you vibrationally to the Divine Feminine.

includes essential oils  such as Lavendar (scientifically proven to be good for business!), and Amber for success, heart balancing Rose.

Gemstones used include among many others, Rose quartz to attract love, Jade for prosperity, Pearl for nurturing and anti-stress, Ruby for wealth, and Himalayan Gold Quartz for spiritual connection....

Other ingredients include Citrine, Aventurine, Ylang Ylang, Mimulus Flower...

Infused with Reiki energy & Sri Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra, a powerful mantra to evoke the Goddess' blessings.

2oz $20                           




Love, Attraction, & Higher Consciousness
Heart, Third Eye, Sacral, Throat

The Krishna blend represents the love & enchantment of Divine Consciousness. Krishna's blend includes ingredients selected for their vibration to help expand your inner vision & heart chakra, open and clear the third eye, attract love, wisdom, and find inner joy. Helps with relationships & communication, creativity, healing the heart, healing trauma, and finding love. Helps one to open to higher states of consciousness and find the deep inner wisdom that is needed for challenging situations.

Includes essential oil such as Rose for love and the heart, Sandalwood & Jasmine for the third eye

Gem essences include Rose Quartz for the heart and love attraction, Lapis for connecting to the third eye & inner wisdom (the teacher stone), peacock pearl, and more..

Other ingredients include, Tulsi (holy basil), ....

Infused with Reiki & devotional mantras,

2oz  $20                              




Custom Blend   2oz $35

Formulated especially for you.

This blend is custom made to be exactly what you need energetically to suit your physical, intellectual, emotional, and  spiritual needs.  Making this spray involves intuitive readings, research, and personalized touches such as a handwritten list of ingredients with corresponding metaphysical properties. Email for a consultation.